The sound of the scooter is muffled by my helmet.The landscape races by. Traces of blurry green spots wash away my ability to distinguish the people in the fields. I feel a hum in my belly and warm wind is softly caressing my cheeks. It seems like only yesterday that I fell asleep and rolled off the motorbike straight on to the asphalt road. Except from a few bruises I was unharmed. However the shock from awaking in such a disruptive manner, generated a quivering unpleasantness. The deceitful lulling of being in movement.



After many months of traveling, back in the studio: I have started a series of paintings based on pictures taken in East Africa. The paintings below are inspired mostly by the Burundian landscapes. A small glimpse of some of these activities: What you see below are the first few layers, I am trying not to overwork the paintings and to keep an eeriness.

curiosity and things , dried ochres and lushfull deceiving greens , he told me yesterday that it should’ve been more up beat, up beat, up tempo, when you run and run, exhaustion, light headedness, dizziness 

a growing concern, a pot plant, still, a still life, fast forward and then the night, when the body fosters sleep

Still, a song was a painting exhibition taking place at Sound of Mu in Oslo, Mai 2014.


From -x to 2m, unwillingly agitations creep in / From -15m to X, driftwood and deerhunters / From -x to 93m, she was collecting stray-dust  all 40cm x 40cm, acrylics on canvas


I have slowly -in between other things- started painting again. The works are still in the middle of the proces, but it is also nice to share how things develop instead of putting all focus on the final results. The works are acryic on canvas, and around 3m x 3m, and 2m30 x 1m50.They will be stretched when they are close to completion.