Process – without waiting for her reply ( WWFHR)

Opening, April 4th 2014

Yesterday it was openings night. Around a hundred visitors showed up. Everyone was crowding up on the platform waiting for the light to break through the night. Waiting around together for almost an hour and forty minutes became a rather social event. When the stream went from night grey to color image, there was a small euphoric moment in the space. Unexpectedly… Below some hazy images of this event. Better documentation of the work will follow soon.

Installing, April 2014

Today we started building at USF, so far all is good. The base for the two main structures are starting to materialize. The Stream in Thailand is running, with some minor struggles. We sorted wood, and started building the frames. The sun was shining bright outside of USF, and it was a pleasant working day. The construction team consist of Eirik Solheim Aakhus, Markus Moestue, Cristian Stefanescu and me.

Testing, March 2014

Some images of testing the weight sensors and live stream with Sindre Sørensen and Roar Sletteland. The exhibition is getting closer and things are slowly resolving themselves… Last night we watch the sunrise from an entirely ambigsous starry sky or noise poetics to a lush greenery scene. The rythm is set, the frame decided: I cannot wait to see all the pieces come together in a week from now. (Pictures below by Birk Nygaard).

Collecting, Febr 2014

Below, some images of testing and working together with Cristian Stefanesu, we were out collecting wood on Askoy: collected some pieces of a tree house and a rotten shed. After which we did some testing in the space: exploring the height,  atmosphere and movements at USF-visningsrommet. (pictures by Cristian Stefanescu).

The Model, jan 2014

We have started the preparation for Without Waiting for Her Reply, which will be shown at USF coming april. For the first time I am trying to building a model with architect Cristian Stefanescu. It is going slow, … below some first images of the model.

Preliminary testing in Ban Tow Hai, Thailand, Jan 2013

For a while I have been interested in ways of activating ‘real time’ as part of my installations: I was thinking about this in a quite literal sense, because building installations I feel, is already fundamentally an attempt to activate the here and now of a space. As part of my internship at BEK I finally got to explore these ideas in a concrete way: I travelled back home to the village where I grew up to explore how to use live streaming as a basis for upcoming investigations and installations:

For this part of the project I was collaborating with Sindre Sørensen. We were mostly exploring ways of sending the most stable live feed from the village. At such a remote location where there was no Internet access from before, just getting Internet was the main challange for some weeks. After negotiating with some contractors, we managed to get Internet through a 21m tall tower in our backgarden, with an antenna on top that connected to other towers in neigbouring villages. After this, we explored weather proof IP cameras that we can remotely control: we managed to send stable feed from the village to Norway and it has been stable for some weeks now, which is a good sign. Now we know better what the possibilities are for using this as basis for upcoming experiments.

The results of these ventures will be shown next spring at USF.

BEK supported me generously with equipment, mentorship and time.

The voyage back was also supported by Bergen Kommune.

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