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An installation with video, sound and paintings. Waiting to be made.


Blueprint act 1;

((x /  on the whole it is pretty pale this blue))

I remember first arriving in B. It was a pale day. I did not know him, but I have seen him before. Several times. He was always dressed in screamy colors. Either entirely green or entirely blue. I could feel that people distrusted him, but I immediately liked him. Wandering through the city he was showing me places he grew up in. I thought; strange how a city opens up when someone shares their home with you. The first time I went back, I got lost. I took the tram two stops too far. Two tram stops too far. It was night and I didn’t recognise anything.

Tangeras /  tangerines / left / right / police station / church / church yard / grave yard / one car / two cars / … / stranger / darkness / foot steps / bouncing steps / sharp corners / corny lovers / hungry alertness /  avid sleep

I walked back to the church and sat down on its stairs. Thought, maybe I’ll just wait.

Blueprint act 2:

((frrom left to right /  between two oceans))

From X to Z. Sitting on the train on my way to meet you. You told me not to come, that it was not a good time now. When I arrived after a day and a night. After changing trains and sleeping on station benches. You met me with a cup of coffee in your hand. I wandered and sat down at a cafe. A waiter came to me and said: are you travelling? No, I am visiting a friend. A friend? Insinuating tone. I looked up for the first time. He smiled. I nodded and said: no, no, just a friend. He put a latte in front of me, one on the house! I have a good feeling about your friend. In any case, I hope he’is worth it, he said.

I sometimes wonder what people are talking about.

Blueprint act 3:

((from down to up))

The next morning I landed hard. I unpacked and then went to the store. After lunch, a kick in the head. I went to work, service with a smile.

cucumber days / damp cheese / one aisle / two aisle / sleep walker / random eyes / random things / burned pancakes / liters of beer /  beer tummies /  stacked chairs / dimmed light / loud music / loud stories / shared stories / half an ear / sleezy song / one beer / two beers / on and on / service with a smile

Blueprint in three acts was a performance, executed by Jack Scott. It was shown in Bristol, Engeland, as part of the groupshow Between the Four, in F-block Gallery. The text was read out loud, and in between the acts a mindmap was drawn on the wall, and on the slide on the overhead projector. The work dealt with narration, memories, and outlining moving from point a to b, through different ways of mapping.