Monthly Archives: August 2012

Without Waiting for Her Reply: a text written by Esther Tuypens, a research fellow at FWO, which aims to introduce some of the themes and thoughts related to the exhibition at USF. The text was part of an ongoing conversation between Esther Tuypens and myself.

Publication-I Love-ApichayaWanthiang : 2014, was published as an introduction to the compendium that accompanied the exhibition called I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit, shown from 23.01-26.01 at KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway.

BergenAssembly-APICHAYAWANTHIANG : 2013, a contribution to a local conversation about Bergen’s first Triennal called Bergen Assembly, this event was a collaboration between B-open and Visp.

Notes on Writing : 2013, a contribution to Writing and Indifference, a collection of reflections on artist writing edited by Johnny Herbert and Philip Gurrey

ApichayaWanthiang-Thesis: 2012, my MFA graduation thesis, delivered to KHIB.